Instagram in open competition with Snapchat



Instagram have come up with its new feature of stories which is similar to snap stories of snapchat which started from 2011.

Snapchat as the name suggests is social platform for sharing of snaps and short stories. Snapchat came up with snap stories which made users to write stories on their snaps and convey messages through snaps. The chats in Snapchat are timed bound and thus disappears after the recipient opens it. It informs the users for any screenshot taken for their snaps. This helps snapchat to maintain privacy and safety for snaps of the users.

Wherein Instagram is the place where people can share instant pictures and short videos. It stores the pictures and videos in profile of the users making it visible. It helps to create memories for the users and there followers to check it. The post can get likes and comments visible to other followers too. Instagram gives the choice to users rather to go for private the profile post or to keep them open to public. Instagram as platform is also used for shopping, advertising, writer’s blog, fashion bloggers. Shopping via Instagram has made people to transact and connect easily. Instagram is ranked 8th under the photo sharing app category with about 400 million active users per month in 2016. Instagram caters to diverse demographics of people.

Instagram has more users whereas snapchat has more active usage that means more photos or stories are shared per day. Instagram introduced stories to compete with snapchat which allows instagram
users to upload their special moments as stories and chat with these snaps to encourage more post per day. The new feature of uploading stories is in complete sync with snapchat. In this way Instagram is trying to increase its active users and customer base.


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