Instagram recently came up with his new feature of snap story. Initially Instagram came up with the theme known as instant upload of photos. Today instagram is a platform where people share pictures and short video clips. It shows number of followers and following person does with the profile. It also make person sharing the photos get likes and comments to the photos. Instagram is a way to convey messages through pictures. It provides users to select the options of sharing pictures to public or to followers of the user. Using the app we can trade in business. It has created new way of shopping wherein a person can shop things by looking at the pictures and description given in the caption. It led to many users to shop on online shopping through instagram. It benefited both the sellers and buyers for convenience. Many writers make there profile of all the writings and share with the followers. It helps them to connect with different writers across the globe and get the chance to stand by and make there writings create value. There are many fashion bloggers sharing there photos and tips on instagram through short videos. So instagram has created media to connect with people. Instagram provides people to promote there page and get more followers. But instagram faced major competition from snapchat which provides people with different filters and make people to add tag lines on the photos. So Instagram came out with new update having the features similar to snapchat to cover the users which are attracted to snapchat can now use instagram as the medium and now instagram has many features now which makes it useful for the users. But let’s see is instagram able to get more users and make them attract with the new feature or not?


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